Photograph by Micky Bones Photography

Photograph by Micky Bones Photography


not your average florist…

If you’re looking for something more than eucalyptus garlands, a sea of roses and bundles of baby’s breath, you’re in the right place! Here at ¡Flor Vida! everything is a work of art, offering luxury flowers with an artistic edge. I am here for the creatively inclined, imaginative, free-spirited couples who want something extraordinary for their most special day.

My approach is a smidge untraditional in that I like to redirect the train of thought from “themes” to “color schemes” and love to work with the most unusual and aesthetically pleasing flowers the market has to offer. Granted, all flowers are beautiful in their own way, but your wedding day is not an everyday occurrence! It is a standalone, once in a lifetime experience and as such should be elevated in every way, right? I think so too!

So let me ask you, how do you want your flowers to make you feel on your wedding day? I mean deep down, imprinted in your memory, in every photo - what story do you want your flowers to tell about you and yours? Are you a light hearted, go with the flow, adventurous couple? You may lean toward something more warm+ neutral. Is your vision for your wedding really vibrant, dance your heart out, fiesta-esque vibe? You are most likely a bright + cheery pair! If you’re envisioning a timeless, classic wedding with a dash of romance and a hint of sultry feel, dark + moody may resonate with you. In design meetings, we will mull over your mood boards and refine the style and feel of your flowers.

All in all, I want to make your flowers the most fun and least stressful part of your wedding planning process. Feeling good about this? Me too, let’s get in touch over here!